Welcome to the pleasure dome, your comfort zone!

Why I don’t want you to “step out of your comfort zone”


We all know that ole saying. “Magic is what happens outside your comfort zone”

I am sorry but I do not entirely agree with this saying and here is why.

When I want comfort, I know exactly where my zone is. Why would I step outside this zone?

A few examples of comforts in my zone:

  • Comfort food, pizza, mac n cheese, red wine with dark chocolate.
  • Bedding, clean and soft.
  • Cuddles and kisses with a caring person who makes me feel good!
  • An epson salt bath
  • Warm pyjamas out of the dryer during the winter when I am cold.


comfort zone

I have a plethora of comforting dates for you to check out 


Dating in the Comfort Zone.

Well we all have a ‘type’ that we feel comfortable with.

Travelling in the comfort zone.

Comfort food, comfortable hotels. Also cars, planes, boats and trains can throw you off your game if you are not comfortable, think first class or at least business class. As a luxury travel companion I consider myself an expert in travelling in my comfort zone. But don’t get me wrong here as I am certainly NOT boring. Comfort is NOT boring. In fact it can be quite magical if you spend A LOT of your life outside of it. If your career is putting you outside of your comfort zone a lot  (and quite often it is), then please join me here in the comfort zone for while.

When it is OK to step out of your comfort zone?

When is it ok? When you want it to be! If you are feeling daring then by all means, go outside your comfort zone. Do something you have never done before and may never do again. Of course a luxury companion is the perfect person to do this with…. wink wink

I actually have OnlyFans and that is where you will find me way out of my comfort zone…


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