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Wow, where has the time gone? This has been a crazy year and I have been busy with more than a few projects. As an entrepreneur,  travel companion and international FMTY escort things can get hectic but I want to check in and say hi. Ive had a little surgery recently but I am back and will post here more frequently. I have been blogging on other escort site where I have my shorter in call and out call dates and services available.

My goal is to grow the International FMTY side if my business. FMTY (Fly Me To You) makes it easier for a busy business woman such as myself to arrange her schedule. I am more than happy to plan a tour around a long date and cover my own costs so the time and expense is worth my effort. If you are indeed considering spending some quality time with me let indulge you with a little more about  myself. 

international FMTY escort relaxing in Thailand
international FMTY escort relaxing in Thailand

Get to know me.


Here are a few fun facts about me that hopefully will amuse and titillate you

  1. I am a very tall and have fantastic posture. I am 178cm (5’11”) and was runway model many years ago. My body type is statuesque and graceful. 
  2. I am extremely candid and I excel in witty banter. I like this in another person and bouncing off other “comedians” is my absolute favourite way to spend time with someone.
  3. I have been an escort off and on since I was 21. I enjoy sexual expression of more elegant and sophisticate styles while in public (I am very discrete and stylish), Behind closed doors however I like to be more risqué and daring. Explorative and curious. 
  4. I have 2 other business’s aside from this. I am also a Mum. 
  5. I prefer high end life styles but occasionally I like the simple things. 
  6. I run half marathons and find this balances out my love of Champagne and indulgent foods. 
  7. I am a strong person and far from precious. My body and spirit are both tenacious. 
  8. I am goal orientated to the point where  if I don’t have goals I may spend time wandering aimlessly. 
  9. Orange juice is my favourite food/drink. LOVE IT
  10. I love a “plan” and if needed can be very good at quickly hatching and executing a plan to get us out of trouble….

Thank you for reading my blog, I sincerely appreciate it. If you would like to enquire about a trip together please don’t hesitate to contact me I do hope we meet somewhere in the world very soon. You can also check my tours page where you can also make an enquiry if you can’t fly me to you. Looking for reviews? Find them here at IvySociete and Scarlet Blue

international FMTY escort
international FMTY escort


Serena xx



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  1. Let me know when and where I can meet you and spend long time like 1 week straight thank you 🙏 and how many Ross is for your time and travel 🧳 time please

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